ProductsFujian Huayu Group Co., Ltd. is the biggest supplier of prefinished solid bamboo flooring & strand woven bamboo lumber in China.

About Us

Fujian Huayu Group Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2003, which is located in Jian’ou city, the first Bamboo Town of China. We have 6 subsidiaries: Huayu factory, Yafeng Bamboo & Wood Co., Ltd., Fujian Cheery Bamboo Co., Ltd., Fujian Homelegend Bamboo& wood Co., Ltd., Fujian Genky Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Heya Wood Co., Ltd. Annual output 10 million square meters of various sizes and collections flooring as well as 200,000 sets of wooden door. Our company emphasizes the techniques optimization continuously, the research & development of new products, the importing of international advanced equipment and employ professionals. Now we are the biggest supplier of prefinished solid bamboo flooring...【more】

Contact Us

Address:Lian Hua Ping Industry Park,Jianou,Fujian,China


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